Tyson Culver and Robert Bryce present us with a timely and alarming ‘inconvenient truth’ - our national electric grid is in peril and nobody seems to be doing much to fix it. If anything, political choices driven by a toxic combination of greed and ideology seem to be making matters worse. This isn’t just a warning that more blackouts may be in store for us, though that certainly seems to be the case. The documentary rings a five alarm fire that the severity of the problem could lead to nothing less than a complete social breakdown if we don’t get our act together quickly...Highly recommended to anyone who cares about keeping the lights on, the ATM’s running, that gas flowing, etc.

It’s gripping, well produced, and covers a ton of ground in short, extremely digestible, 20 minute episodes. In 5 parts (so about an hour and a half total), Bryce and director/producer Tyson Culver cover: how the energy market developed; where we are now; the politics and profits driving decisions; why solar/wind energy will never work; and hope for a possible nuclear renaissance. And they do it all without ever getting too technical for the average viewer.

With energy as its subject matter, a newly released docuseries aims to demystify the political and social discourse surrounding the topic by shining a light on the nation’s vulnerable electric grid and making a case for nuclear power as the most viable alternative to renewables.